Since 1954

General Rules - Competitive Events

Absolutely NO premium will be paid on any entry in any category unless authorized by the Directors or in an emergency by the Executive Committee.
1. Competition in the Warren County Agricultural and Livestock Fair is under the direction of the Warren County Fair Association and is open to all residents or taxpayers of Warren County unless otherwise noted.
2. The Association, in the interest of the exhibitors and the public, reserves the right to change any and all rules and classes, or to declare off, any class, if in its opinion such is not worthy, nor up to standard, or if weather conditions are unfavorable for show or performance.
3. Articles and animals placed on exhibit shall be under the control of the Association that they may be shown to advantage. However, the Association assumes no responsibility for losses or damages to any article or animal. The Association will take every precaution and will make every effort to safeguard each exhibit, but beyond an honest effort will not be responsible for losses and damages to articles, or for damages done by any animal or animals.
4. Entries will be made in the name of their rightful owner and in the correct name and year for that entry. Unless otherwise stated in the department, all exhibits shall be of this year’s production, some classes of livestock excepted.
5. Only one entry per person per lot or class.
6. The superintendent of each department shall be responsible for the proper arrangement, handling and showing of the articles under his supervision. The Association cannot be obligated by any promise, oral or written, that a superintendent may make an exhibitor as to the handling of an exhibit or display.
7. Entries, except as given under the proper headings, cannot be removed until the hour specified by the rules in that department. Exhibitors entering articles or animals do so with the full understanding that such exhibits cannot be removed from the exhibiting space until the hour of removal from the fair.
8. Any entry not left until proper time will not be eligible for prize. In addition, if entry is removed, exhibitor may be prohibited from exhibition for next season.
9. The Association shall, upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors, declare ineligible any animal or product for exhibition that may be below par, not up to standard, or infected, sick, poor breeding, or otherwise unfit for public showing. (Animals and articles shown for comparison in educational exhibits not included in this ruling.)
10. In case of only one entry, 1st premium will be paid provided that entry is comparable should additional entries have been made. Should an entry not be comparable in quality, the judge shall place the exhibit accordingly and the Association will pay the premium as judged.
11. All animals in or out of shows must be under halter and in the care of the owner. Hitching posts will be provided and exhibitors and visitors must comply with the rules for safety.
12. Herdsmen will keep grounds and quarters clean.
13. Animals entered and shown as for butcher cannot be shown in breeding clas-ses.
14. Animals shown by boys and girls cannot be shown again as being owned by adults, nor can animals shown by adults be shown by youth.
15. If the need arises, the superintendent may call for proof of age of the animal, registration, and ownership, etc. The exhibitors shall comply with the request.
16. There shall be “call to show” and exhibitors must respond immediately to show classes of livestock.
17. Persons other than the exhibitor or caretaker of an animal should not enter the arena during a show.
18. Farm Bred Exhibitors must be breeders of all animals shown in this class.
19. Entry receipts will be issued, and the exhibitor assumes the responsibility of having such tag ready when his entry is being taken from the exhibitor’s space. The owners of livestock shall attach entry tag to halter of the animal being shown. No exhibit to be released without entry receipt. Exhibitors will not take any article or animal etc. without checking with superintendent or attendant on duty.
20. Exhibitors will exercise every care about light and fire in stalls and in the buildings of the fairgrounds. Candles, kerosene lanterns, etc., will not be permitted in the cattle barns. Exhibitors are warned not to use hot plates, percolators, and other such equipment in their show space in the barns.
21. Smoking is not allowed in barn areas.
22. Most premiums will be paid by check, and such checks must be cashed on or before Oct. 15 of the current year. If, even after a premium check has been issued an exhibitor, the Association shall secure bonafide proof of illegal entry, the right to cancel payment of the premium is retained until proper adjustment or settlement is made between the exhibitor and the Association.
23. Suitable ribbons of award will be given as follows: First prize, single or multiple entries Blue Ribbons Second prize, single or multiple entries Red Ribbons Third prize, single or multiple entries Yellow Ribbons Fourth prize, single or multiple entries White Ribbons Fifth prize, single or multiple entries Pink Ribbons All others, single or multiple entries Indications Champion or Sweepstakes Purple Ribbons.
24. Should an exhibitor feel that his exhibit failed to reach the placing anticipated, an appeal may be made to the Board through the head of the department under which the show was held. While the Association anticipates that all citizens will be “good sports” in both winning and losing, it cannot adjust placing beyond that of competent judges.
25. Rooms or exhibit space shall be closed to the public during judging. Exhibitors will comply with this rule.
26. State amusement tax will be collected where applicable.
27. The Fair Association reserves the right to disqualify all entries of any person interfering with judges, clerks, or placing of ribbons.