General Info

Contact Information:
The Warren County A&L Fair office may be contacted by calling either 931-668-3013 or 931-668-4500. The office is located opposite the grandstand and is normally open during fair business hours.

Note to Advertisers:
We Thank You! Since 1954 when the Warren County A&L Fair began, our program and premium list catalog has been underwritten by advertising revenues. Some advertisers have participated periodically while others have supported us each year. We are most grateful for your continued support and expression of confidence in our efforts. To those of you who enjoy the fair - the shows, exhibits, entertainment - please patronize our advertisers. We provide our catalog for your use, to make your time at the fair both productive and enjoyable. Thanks to our advertisers, we once again are able to make our catalog available to you without charge.
Kevin Lawrence, President

State Aid to Fairs:
From the funds appropriated by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee and for the purpose of aiding agricultural fairs in supplementing the payment of agricultural premiums: namely in Adult and Junior Agricultural Exhibits, Livestock, Poultry, Women’s Work and other Agricultural Exhibits the Warren County Agricultural and Livestock Fair Association has been allotted its proportionate share by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. “For the purpose of further encouraging fairs to excel in their usefulness to their respective areas, a Merit Award provision was also made in the appropriation. It is hoped that the Warren County A&L Fair can have an exhibition sufficiently creditable to warrant its receiving one of the special Merit Awards in addition to its allotment of State Aid”

Warren County Commission:
The Warren County A&L Fair Board of Directors would like to recognize the assistance and contributions offered throughout the years by the Warren County Court. When the fair was organized in 1954, the court was instrumental in assuring its success. Thanks to the court’s support, the fair has enjoyed sustained growth and progress throughout the years. The Fair Board has been repeatedly encouraged by the spirit of cooperation typified by our county magistrates. Additionally, the continued expansion, maintenance and enhancement of the county’s fairground facility will be assured for the enjoyment of future generations due to the court’s diligence and foresight. The goal of the Fair Board, with the cooperation of the County Court, is to provide Warren County with an enjoyable, vibrant, source of entertainment and a public arena in which to display the diversity and talent of her people.

We gratefully acknowledge the 2010 Warren County Commission:

Terry Bell
Morris Bond
Carl E. Bouldin
Wayne Copeland
M.A. Bouldin
Teddy Boyd
Sally Brock
Ron Lee
David K. Grissom
Clinton Hill
Harold D. Hyatt
Billy Earl Jones
Ken Martin
Michael Martin
Gary Prater
George M. Smart
Bessie Smithson
Diane Starkey
Danice Taylor
Les Trotman
Bobby E. Turner
Herschell Wells
Bill Yancy
Charles Morgan
John Pelham - County Executive

The Warren County A&L Fair Association would also like to thank the 2010 Youth Fair Board members for their contribution and assistance in this year’s fair.