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Safety & Emergency Information

The Warren County A&L Fair is committed to providing a safe and family friendly environment to the general public. As such, the following rules will be strictly enforced with a policy of zero tolerance:


 Throughout the duration of the fair, fire department, law enforcement, and emergency medical personnel will be on site and available to address any emergency situations that may arise. In case of emergency, please notify a Fair Board member, contact the Fair office, or notify uniformed emergency service personnel. Stations for Fire, First Aid, and the Sheriff's Office are located in the Grandstands section of the fairgrounds. See map for emergency services station locations.

Fire Station
The Kevin Lawrence Fire Station is located immediately adjacent to the Grandstands near the entrance to the Concessions Area. The building is named in memory of long time local fire chief and Fair President Kevin E. Lawrence.

EMS/First Aid Station
The Rob Searcy First Aid Station is located next to the Antique Farm Tools Shed near the entrance to the Concessions Area. The building is named in memory of the late Rob Searcy, a military veteran, local law enforcement officer, and long time Fair volunteer.

Sheriff's Office/Jail
The Fairfield Sheriff's Office & Jailhouse is located on the east side of the Grandstands area near the chicken house & livestock barn. The building features law enforcement & drug abuse resistance educational exhibits and is staffed by deputies of the Warren County Sheriff's Office. 

Fair Office
The Fair Office is located north of the center ring, between the Antique Farm Tools Shed and the Fairfield Blacksmith Shop. The building is marked with a large "Fair Office" sign.

 In case of an emergency on the fairgrounds, please immediately notify the nearest Fair staff member or properly uniformed emergency services personnel. Sheriff's, fire, and emergency medical personnel are stationed on the property and available to handle any emergency that may arise throughout the duration of the fair. You may also call the Fair Office at (931) 668-3013. For immediate life-threatening emergencies, you may also call 911, who will then dispatch the appropriate units assigned to the fairgrounds. 

 Lost children should be immediately reported to the Fair Board by locating and informing the nearest Fair Board member, properly uniformed Warren County emergency service personnel, or reporting to the Fair Office (see map). Parents are encouraged to instruct their children to immediately report to the fair or carnival office, or nearest emergency services station, should they become separated. For reasons of safety, lost children will be taken to the Fair Office and placed under adult supervision until a parent or guardian is located by Fair or emergency services personnel. 

Emergency Services Station Map
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Fair Office

First Aid Station

Sheriff's Office

Fire Station